“THE HUMAN MAZE effortlessly reaches international standards and benefits from a sound that American bands could not have delivered better.”

Metal HammerGermany 08/2018Smoke the Sky - The Human Maze

“This production is crystal clear, huge sounding and covers the entire frequency spectrum – sexy.”

guitar MagazineGermany 08/2018Smoke the Sky - The Human Maze

“The professional presentation […] continues with a huge sounding, powerful production.”

Metal HammerGermany 08/2018Smoke the Sky - The Human Maze

“The direction is well developed with a huge sounding production and keeps the listener engaged throughout the 11 songs.”

Rock HardGermany 08/2018Smoke the Sky - The Human Maze

“The bass here is really powerful. That’s how it should be.”

guitar MagazineGerman Issue 09/2018Godsground - The Great Delusion

“Since it was produced at Munich-based Frankin Studios, it was guaranteed to sound impressive on any sound system or through any headphones.”

guitar MagazineGermany 09/2018Godsground - The Great Delusion


More References


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